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I have been working for years making illustration, storyboard and layout design for various projects and different companies, I still work as a freelance artist but nevertheless I decided to start publish my own web comic called  Occult
You can read it here at  WEBTOON 

The comic is available online for free and it always will be that way , I'm planning to upload a new episode every month, perhaps more often depending on how well it goes. I know that it's impossible to make it only by myself, so this is where you Patrons come in: since   PATREON  allows people to contribute a few dollars each month to help this kind of projects and receive cool rewards in exchange, that sounds like the right way to follow.

You can support me following this link:


Dear contributor, by being my Patron you're becoming an asset in the ranks of these, the TacticArt Forces. For this reason I am most grateful! you also have to know that you're free to take your leave whenever you want, which makes your effort, bravery and support all the greatest! I hope my stories and drawings will make your stay here a worthwhile one!

everyone has access to...

✪ Patreon only feed
Exclusive work in progress images of the monthly fanart drawing! You'll get the final artwork in a HIGHER RESOLUTION!

✪ Early access!
You will be able to see the monthly timelapse video of my process before the release on youtube.

Advance and conquer the access to...

✪ Concept art and designs.
Each month I'll be releasing a design sheet (PDF file) of characters, places or props made for the world building process of the webcomic. 

-The first month you'll get an exclusive sketchbook on PDF! Occult Design Works 01 is filled with unpublished material!

✪ Web comic exclusive PREVIEW! 
Take a look at some images that are part of the next episode of my web comic Occult. Spoilers free!

-To start, now you have access to the PDF file of the unfinished pilot of my comic Occult on the first post!

Making the blueprints


To the Spec ops tier I will make a SKETCH COMMISSION each month.
Delivered file: High-Resolution JPG File/300 DPI

The commission process.

- Before starting the drawing, please send a clear message with all the information and references you consider necessary to get the final piece the best way it can be.

- then, I'll send you a rough drawing with the composition or pose for you to approve

- Once you approve the composition and the pose, changes won't be allowed.

- You will see a low resolution image when I finish the job, in order to make a final review. However after a commission is finished, only small changes are allowed to be made.(like hair length, closing a hand or something like that)

- To finish, I will deliver a Dropbox link where you will be able to download the high resolution JPG File.

Commission terms and conditions.

1. It must be just one character in black and white without background

2. Sexy is OK! although, I don't do adult or mature content, hardcore fetishes, hate messages, hardcore violence, gore and any other aspect that could be offensive or that could infringe the law.
3. If it is a Fanart I won't change the gender or any other variation that could turn the character in other thing. I can make slight variations to the costume or a different version only if it fits with the original concept of the character.

4. A full body or portrait but the price will be always the same


Reproduction of commissioned designs for personal gain or profit is considered to be copyright infringement and is prohibited

-Commissions are intended for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY.

-Commissions cannot be mass-produced, used for profit or to advertise people, businesses, or products.

The following is considered Copyright infringement:

Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially. (Meaning making money of it in any way)
Taking Credit for the creation of the artwork.
Removing any watermarks/signatures. 

altering the artwork without the consent of the artist's, which is me.

I reserve the right to use the final commission and process work leading up to the final commission in my portfolio, social media sites (i.e. personal website, Instagram, Blog, Facebook, etc), websites, galleries, books, etc.

*For freelance and or commercial inquiries aside Patreon, please contact me at:


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