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New Youtube Channel!

Magnozz Artworks Youtube Channel

In this channel you will see the process of my illustrations, new projects and a lot of new ideas I have been working to put on video, have a look and share it with your friends!

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Exclusive Riot Point Cards

DJ Sona and Project Ekko 🤛🏿RP Cards🤖Special Edition for Mexico Only
🎨exclusive promotional freelance artwork I made for Riot Games👊

More information on the link below

Exclusive Riot Point cards

Swag Design for Riot

It was a lot of fun to draw this characters, I really love them!



I have been working for years making illustration, storyboard and layout design for various projects and different companies, I still work as a freelance artist but nevertheless I decided to start publish my own web comic called Occult . 
You can read it here at  WEBTOON

The comic is available online for free and it always will be that way , I'm planning to upload a new episode every month, perhaps more often depending on how well it goes. I know that it's impossible to make it only by myself, so this is where you Patrons come in: since  PATREON allows people to contribute a few dollars each month to help this kind of projects and receive cool rewards in exchange, that sounds like the right way to follow.

You can support me following this link:


Dear contributor, by being my Patron you're becoming an asset in the ranks of these, the TacticArt Forces. For this reason I am most grateful! you also have to …

League Of Legends ARCADE

Commission done for League of Legends Latin America celebrating the new release of the Arcade Skins 2016! very 90's, very vintage and very fun to do!


Since 2015 I have been working for  DeNa's "Hellfire the summoning" making some illustrations, It was cool to work for this company.  During this period of time I met good people, great artists and I learned a lot about the industry, so this illustrations are part of it. I hope you like it.


Giants, warriors, crazy girls, huge blades, weird technology, rare creatures and more... I love my Job!

Art work for “Giant Slayers” the animated series and board game created by The Failed Superheroes Club
Thank you, and feel free to share!