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By Magdalena's river

The Mohan is a mythological creature from my country(Colombia), his legends run trough the magdalena's river especially all over "Tolima" which is my birth place, this is not the first painting that I made about this character and be sure that will be more.
This one is a version based on the most popular tales, but I'm still working on a design that could put together all the descriptions and give him a final demigod-like appearance.

My first attempt to paint the Mohan(2001)


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League of Legends "PROJECT"

This is a Fanart was inspired by the new skins!

I hope you like it!


Since 2015 I have been working for  DeNa's "Hellfire the summoning" making some illustrations, It was cool to work for this company.  During this period of time I met good people, great artists and I learned a lot about the industry, so this illustrations are part of it. I hope you like it.

Comic book test

I made this pages based on a very dumb and cliche script, it was a great exercise to test myself, because there are many ways to solve a trouble and make it work.
This fragments are part of the research. I made all the character design and the aesthetics. I'm sure about that story doesn't deserve it but as I say before, it was a great chance to test how can I do something using some crappy resources. Main character design.
Dragon soldier character design.