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Promotional artworks of Valorant I made for Riot Games, 


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Exclusive Riot Point Cards

DJ Sona and Project Ekko 🤛🏿RP Cards🤖Special Edition for Mexico Only 🎨exclusive promotional freelance artwork I made for Riot Games👊 More information on the link below Exclusive Riot Point cards


Since 2015 I have been working for  DeNa's "Hellfire the summoning" making some illustrations, It was cool to work for this company.  During this period of time I met good people, great artists and I learned a lot about the industry, so this illustrations are part of it. I hope you like it.


Giants, warriors, crazy girls, huge blades, weird technology, rare creatures and more... I love my Job! Art work for “Giant Slayers” the animated series and board game created by The Failed Superheroes Club Thank you, and feel free to share!