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League of legends "character studies"

I've decided to make some studies based on the characters of League of Legends, the reason is because those characters are pretty well designed and I am just making tests about technical approaches, I hope you like it as I am. There will be more as soon as possible.


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League of Legends "PROJECT"

This is a Fanart was inspired by the new skins!

I hope you like it!

Exclusive Riot Point Cards

DJ Sona and Project Ekko 🤛🏿RP Cards🤖Special Edition for Mexico Only
🎨exclusive promotional freelance artwork I made for Riot Games👊

More information on the link below

Exclusive Riot Point cards

League Of Legends ARCADE

Commission done for League of Legends Latin America celebrating the new release of the Arcade Skins 2016! very 90's, very vintage and very fun to do!