Nov 5, 2013


I made this picture during the contest called "Illustrators Deathmatch" that had place in Querétaro / Mexico!
Fortunelly I Won the contest, It was very difficult and exciting!

Description of the contest.

We were around 60 illustrators in the contest!
To start, The "Illustrators Deathmatch's guys give us the theme "Level Up" at the very  begining of the contest
They Give us around 6 hours to do something based on the theme.
I used about 1:30 Minutes sketching and testing some ideas on paper and 30 minutes making a setup of my colour scheme.
The Four hours left were of painting and adjust.

I Hope You Like It!"

BTW, one of the most remarkable things about the contest was the judges, Check it Out!
(In none specific Order)

Stanley lau "Artgerm"
Kendrick Lim "Kunkka"
Sakiroo Choi
Taigo Hoisel
Sergi Brosa
Mauricio Herrera "El Grimlock"
Carlos Villa "Zano"
Nicole "Gnomo del Bosque"


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