Jul 30, 2013

World Of warcraft Tribute

Bring the Light Upon Them

This is the illustration that I made for the "World of Warcraft Tribute Book" from  Udon Entertainment
All rights reserved Blizzard Entertainment®

I hope you like it!

Jul 29, 2013


Beloved Creatures

Brutal Monkey

This is a character design that I made for a project, a fake project, Mostly an exercise with my partners, AKA Brutal Monkey Studio

The tadpole mutation
This video is part of the exploration.

Facing the If

This is the second CD Artwork that I Made for the Puerto Rican metal band Alas Negras

“Do not go gentle, into that good night
Time to rage & join the fight
Facing the if
Meet triumph & disaster, they’re both the same
Seize the day & Face the If”

Alas Negras runs the gauntlet of heavy metal and proves, beyond the shadow of doubt, that they are a force to be reckoned with…